The Low Down on RP Strength

Flaky /Flake/ (adj.) - breaking or separating easily into small thin pieces; crazy or eccentric; me as soon as life gets a little crazy. 

Hey internet world, bet you thought you might never hear from me again. To be honest, I thought you might never hear from me again too. Things got a little crazy from August to January and as you can see from that definition up there (straight from Webster's Dictionary) I've been a little flaky. My bad. Let me bring you up to speed: 

  • I got very lucky and snagged a long term sub position as an aid at school (I love it)!
  • JDCF CrossFit Kids classes have been going strong (my favorite part of the day, every Tuesday & Thursday).
  • I went to Miami to watch my boo compete at the Wodapalooza (it was sick).
  • Last, but surely not least, I started following RP Strength in September. 

Okay, now that you're all caught up, I wanna dive into this whole Renaissance Periodization thing...

Hank bought one of their diet templates during the summer and saw some amazing results. I liked how the templates laid everything out (how much of each macronutrient to eat based on your gender, weight, goals, and activity that day), are backed by science and formulated by Phd's, and encouraged him to eat real foods and enough of them! It actually looked a lot like what I try to do with patients, laying out macros throughout the day, but a little more scientific. There weren't any gimmicks, no one pushing you to buy a certain product or take a pill or cut any macronutrients out. It seemed legit so I had to try it out for myself. 

I know, you're all dying to know what I think. Spoiler alert, I'm into it. It's cool, it's easy, it's close to how I was eating before, and I'm seeing results. 

I'm not the only one either. Lots of JDCF members have made the switch and are killing the RP game. Don't worry, not much is changing around here, but I will be chronicling some of my RP meal prep and meal ideas so that they can use the blog as a resource! The recipes are delicious & can fit into anyone's diet whether you're following RP or not. Let's get this party started!