Holiday Hosting Guide

It's the holiday season, as I'm sure you all know! Hope you haven't gotten a case of the holiday hosting crazies, but if so have no fear. I'm here to hit you with some tips for hosting and give you a killer holiday appetizer line-up! I teamed up with THE Pine Barren Beauty and did a fun shoot where we talked holiday eats & style!

Meg just so happened to be my woman crush wednesday this week for putting up with me & fending off my dog Otis during this shoot all while looking stunning in her holiday party styles. She really knows her stuff. I had such a great time coming up with my idea of a Perfect Holiday Party Line-Up of healthy, realistic, & delicious appetizers. We had filling protein, vitamin & mineral packed veggies, hearty whole grains, & brain boosting healthy fats! These apps were simple and so easy to make for big or small parties. Even my pup couldn't pass up on that kind of spread!

One of the most important things to consider for holiday hosting is the FOOD. So, if you're the one making it, you want a smooth & seamless plan to pulling it all off in a healthy & beautiful way. To help all you hosts out I wrote down my top tips for a smooth sailing holiday party because, believe me, If I can do it... so can you. Then you can cook & eat & eat & eat a little more. 

Whether you're hosting a huge banger this holiday or a small family gathering, these tips are what you need to keep your apps delicious, healthy, & realistic. Not only will your party be a breeze, but you (with a little help from meg's style guide) and your food will look fabulous all the while. 

Here are the tips: 

  1. MAKE A PLAN : The plan is important. At least a week before the big day, plan out the spread you want to have. Include what you're going to make as well as any dishes you know family or friends might be bringing. Make sure the dishes you make can stand alone though! You don't want to be left with an incomplete spread because Uncle Bob dropped Aunt Rita's dish on the way over!
  2. CHECK YOUR LIST TWICE: Check over that plan you made and look for good sources of healthy protein, carbohydrate, and fat in your appetizer ideas. Weight gain and mindless snacking is often a result of refined carbohydrate heavy apps at parties! Another thing to look for is the ability of your foods to be held/eaten standing up or sitting sans table. 
  3. SHOP, BUT DON'T DROP: Make a list of all the stuff you'll need for your dishes. Make sure not to way - over or - under estimate. Check how much each of your recipes makes and adjust ingredients accordingly. 
  4. PREP, PREP, PREP: Anything that can be made ahead of time, should be made ahead of time. You want to make the morning or afternoon of your party go as smoothly as possible, Having to prep & plate 5 dishes for 25 people is not the way to do it. 
  5. LESS IS MORE: Don't clutter or crowd your spread. If you find yourself with too many options (it happens) then only put a few out at a time. Swap when you're getting low. Simple serving is all the rage right now and much less hassle. Plus, a simple spread gives you plenty of time to get your fabulous on so that the food isn't the only thing looking on point. (Make sure to check out Megan's guide for looking as fab as she does in all these pictures over at Pine Barren Beauty).

Now go get to it! And start with my perfect holiday party app line-up!

Salad Skewers

(Recipe Coming Tomorrow!)

Happy Hosting!