1 on 1 Nutrition Counseling Services

Do you have a nutrition goal in mind? Want improved performance, Fat loss, muscle gain, more energy, or just better overall health? You've come to the right place.

Get Real's nutrition counseling services are just what you need for individualized help. Have no idea where to start? That's okay, together we'll explore your current eating habits and figure out how they can be improved to make you the best version of yourself you've ever been! These are our counseling services and cost saving packages:

Initial Consultation

This is the first step to a better you. Initial consultations run for about 1 - 1.5 hours. During this meeting we'll dive into your health & nutrition needs and how they fit into your life. We'll find any problem areas and talk about your ultimate goals. From there we'll come up with a solid and realistic plan tailored to you!


Follow Ups

Thirty minute follow up sessions are for clients who have already completed an initial assessment & are meant keep you on track with the plan we've put together. These are helpful for tweaking macronutrient goals, developing pre and post workout nutrition plans, formulating solutions for unforeseen issues, support, and continued guidance.


Food Journal ANalysis

A food journal analysis will allow you to see whether or not you are meeting all your nutrition requirements. We look at all the little things that could actually be making a big difference in sliming down or improving performance. Try a food journal analysis today, just $20 per week.

$20 / week

With these services, you'll be able to:  


Develop your own problem solving techniques

Increase self confidence & Self Esteem

Realize your goals & the direction you need to head to accomplish them.

Get essential information regarding health & wellness



Book a Nutrition Counseling Package & Save!

Our packages help you get the most of our services listed above as well as some extras! All plans include a free New Client Welcome Kit (includes shopping & meal planning tips!)

The Kick

1 Month - 3 sessions


  • Initial Consultation
  • 2 Follow Up Sessions
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Ongoing Food Journal Analysis
  • Weekly Motivational Check-Ins

The Push

3 Months - 5 sessions


  • Initial Consultation
  • 4 Follow Up Sessions
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Ongoing Food Journal Analysis
  • Weekly Motivational Check-Ins

The Shove

6 Months - 9 sessions


  • Initial Consultation
  • 6 Follow Up Sessions
  • Individualized Weekly Meal Plans
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Ongoing Food Journal Analysis
  • Weekly Motivational Check-Ins
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We'll meet in a way that's best for you. Get Real Nutrition offers Nutrition counseling services out of our Hammonton office, as well as out-call and in-home sessions.